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Getting started with Artisan

If you're a Building Consent Authority (BCA) interested in using Artisan, follow the simple steps below.

Builders who would like to use Artisan should contact their BCA and see if it is available to use on your project.

Implementing Artisan in your BCA

  • Register your interest with the Artisan team by calling 0800 80 80 85 or emailing
  • You will have an initial meeting with the Artisan team to develop an implementation plan and timeline.
  • You will get the Artisan tool, along with access to a complete process, procedure and help portal, dedicated 0800 number, email and chat support.
  • You receive access to Knowhow Manager® Portal containing tuition, FAQs and video training on how to use the system.
  • The Artisan team will help you set up the system and users for your BCA.
  • Additional training and ongoing support provided when required.

Using Artisan

Artisan will be used alongside your existing inspection process. Some projects will still require on-site stage checks

Contact us to express your interest

Getting your build teams started

Once you have Artisan set up in your BCA you can identify build teams to participate in your pilot. Follow the stages below for onboarding the build teams.  

When you have completed your pilot project, you review the learnings, update your processes and train more inspectors. Then you can continue to roll out the technology with more projects and build teams.

Stages for getting setup

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    Artisan team on board building firm team logins to Knowhow Manager®

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    Builder invited to download Artisan app from Android or Apple app stores. (Training offered if required)

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    BCA sets up their project in Artisan with tailored shot lists

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    BCA invites builder to complete project set up & invite others to use Artisan. Project is live

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    The build team start work, take photos in the shot lists and submit them for review via the Artisan app

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    BCA reviews the shot list and determines whether it passes or fails

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    Artisan app alerts the build team, tells them what needs to be done to pass

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    Artisan unlocks shot list for updated evidence and re-submission