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What is Artisan

Artisan is a state-of-the-art mobile phone app and web solution developed by BRANZ in consultation with the building and construction industry.


The Artisan technology aims to improve the Building Consent Authority (BCA) building inspection process. Artisan is a digital solution that enables each key step in the residential build inspection process to be prescribed, seen, assessed, verified and recorded.

Artisan provides a workflow to capture real-time photographic evidence of the quality of work for critical elements of a build, corresponding to the stage checks undertaken by BCAs. 

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"In simple terms, builders can photograph the quality of their work, submit the photos via the Artisan app and the BCA can review the work off-site"

Video 2 Button v2Take a look at what some of the first users of Artisan had to say about the technology.

Benefits of using Artisan

Artisan is an easy to use and straightforward to implement. It can be used alongside the existing inspection process. The technology works in a way that means inspectors can make similar decisions through photos to those made on-site.

Artisan is currently being used by Auckland Council and several other BCAs are currently implementing the solution.

Artisan streamlines the inspection process

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    Response times are quicker.

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    BCAs can cover larger areas. Artisan enables them to work remotely.

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    Removes the need for an inspector to be on-site for every inspection.

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    Artisan inspectors can do the equivalent off-site inspection in less than half the time of an on-site inspection.

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    Ready access to shared problem solving through the build via near real-time interaction between builders and BCAs.

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    Less travel means an Artisan inspector can do 2-3 times the number of inspections every day than an on-site inspector.

Resulting in

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    Improvements in build quality.

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    Better productivity.

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    Cost savings through reduced use of vehicles for BCAs and shorter waiting times for builders.

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    Visibility of build quality – more documentation and records in the system.

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    Records that can assist with timely resolution of any disputes.

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    Better understanding by build teams of what Code compliance looks like.

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    Ability to send overflow work to another BCA.

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    Provides permanent record of Code compliance and workmanship every step of the way.

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    Potential to enable centralised inspection for local or global factory builds.

For me it’s been a no-brainer since day one. “Why would you NOT use it?” is probably more the question

Inspection 2

Save fuel, save wear and tear on your vehicle. It’s just positives all round!

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From a health and safety perspective – fantastic! Less guys out there potentially getting injured

Builder 1

In our testing we’ve had an inspector on this, and she has been able to carry out 20 audits in one day

Inspector 1

We actually end up with more documentation and we end up with better records in our system going forward

Inspector 3

Builders that are using this app are actually learning how to do inspections and so their code compliance knowledge is growing

Artisan 4

From what we’ve learnt from Artisan, we understand more now what council requires so you get to see what they’re looking for

Artisan 3

It’s streamlining the whole consent inspection process. It’s making it much easier on everyone involved

Bayside Homes 2

Because it’s a live app, I can take pictures, send it to an inspector who is sitting at a computer

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