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An innovative digital solution to streamline the residential building inspection process

Artisan allows each inspection step to be photographed by builders and reviewed off-site by inspectors

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How does Artisan work?

A consented project gets set up by the Building Consent Authority (BCA) in Artisan with a "shot" list specific to each build stage check. Everyone involved in the build process – the builders, sub-contractors and clients – uses a smartphone app to view progress of the build against the checklist. Using the phone’s photo and video functions, builders and subbies complete the shot list and can record/see details of the build process in ‘real time’. 

The information captured creates an accurate record and evidence detailing how each new home in New Zealand is built. Each time new build quality evidence is uploaded to the database, everyone from the client and design team through to product manufacturers and the BCA inspector can be alerted. The work undertaken at each critical step will be visible for analysis and review. This allows inspectors to review, communicate with the build team, and sign off work virtually rather than having to visit site for every inspection.

From a health and safety perspective – fantastic!

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We understand more now what council requires

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Artisan – why would you NOT use it?

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It’s streamlining the whole consent inspection process. It's making it much easier on everyone involved

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Save fuel, save wear and tear on your vehicle

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Transforming the residential building inspection process

BRANZ has led the way in the industry transformation space by developing the Artisan technology. BRANZ carried out a strategic review focused on understanding build quality. The review identified opportunities for technology to improve the building inspection process, so BRANZ worked collaboratively with industry stakeholders to understand their needs and develop a digital solution – Artisan. Artisan is truly transforming the inspection process, realising productivity gains for everyone – inspectors, builders, architects and homeowners.

Chelydra Percy